Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Currently we are:
eddie: in semester 1 of 4 of the elementary education major.
andy: working maintenance at the mall and looking for a BETTER job
lula: anxious with all these noises
frostbite: asleep, no sound wakes me up

Currently we feel:
eddie: bored... waiting for class to start
andy: tired... 40 hour a week, manual labor jobs cause that sort of feeling
lula: like going on a walk
frostbite: like NOT getting a bath

Currently we wish:
eddie: that the walls would paint themselves
andy: that I had my career already
lula: for more attention
frostbite: for a yummy pig's ear


Sunday, September 14, 2008

YEA for Birthday!

Camping Aug 22-24. WE had SOOO MUCH fun with Andy's Cousins.

The little girl in the photo is Andy's cousin's little girl. She is adorable. Andy and I went to Tucano's for his birthday on the 30th.



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