Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's come to my attention that Andy is less interested in blogging than I am. Or at least I am going to finally admit this out loud. He doesn't blog unless I bug him about it a couple of times, so I feel like I have "TAKEN OVER" our blog. It's ok, he is always welcome to post when ever he wants.

In the news: Andy's little sister is getting married!!! That entails a lot. Andy has been having to take hours off work so much, a blessing here, a baptism there, and he just can't take off work for all of the festivities. It's ok he'll be there for the important part. One important part being the family photo (which he wont have to take work off for)--- The ENTIRE Laurel and Ben Bean Family have not ALL been together in a while... so of course we are taking the opportunity to have a professional family picture done. I am a little worried about the stress of getting 5 small grand children to cooperate. I'll hope for the best and try to post a pic when we get one.

Of course during all this Andy says, "thanks for putting up with my crazy family." Which frankly I don't mind at all. I LOVE Andy's family. Especailly all the little grandkids and for the most part we DON'T have drama. I think moving would be harder for me than for Andy. I just don't know if I would want to let go to all the family that is around my side and his side. Oh, but we arn't moving, that I know of yet.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big Butt Bike

My Grandma got andy this bike for chirstmas (it's a little early, but who cares.)  We think it is soo fun.  

You can see out little patio in the other pic.  it was the patio that sold us on our little condo.  It is so nice to have a little private out door space.  

Tonight we are:

         eddie: trying to do ed psych homework     Andy: playing banjo with his little christmas band 



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