Thursday, February 3, 2011

new school

Andy just got placed in a new school for his student teaching. He will be there for 50 school days. Today is day 3, only 47 more to go. I can hardly wait. Student teaching is so hard. Heck, teaching is so hard. Especially your first year. I cried every week for the first half of the year during my first year (2009-2010). One day I got a bad review on a lesson and went hysterical. I had to be sent home. So much pressure. So much to prepare. Always more to do. So Andy is now teaching in 6th grade. All prayers welcome during this time while I am working and he is student teaching and we have a new born. I am so tired. All the time.

I stole this pic from my sister in law because I really like it. Andy, Soeji, and S.S.I like the outfit Soeji is wearing too. It was from Andy's sister.


Juliette February 4, 2011 at 8:29 AM  

I'll pray for you both. Becoming new parents is tough enough, let alone a demanding job.

PS Andy looks like a proud dad!


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